My name is Jo, and I’m a photographer based in Newcastle, Australia. I have two gorgeous little boys, who are my constant source of inspiration and amusement, and the source of my love of photography, particularly portrait photography. I adore photographing newborns, babies, children and their families, and it’s one of my joys to see my little clients return and grow so much each time I see them. If you are interested in a session with me, contact me {at} jokimphotography@outlook.com, head over to Facebook and {like} the Jo Kim Photography Facebook page, and {follow} Jo Kim Photography on Instagram.


To get to know me a little better, here are a few random facts about me:

  • I used to be an accountant in a former life, i.e. before I had children. Guess which job I like better!
  • I’m a terrible, awful cook, and quite possibly the messiest person in the world. My sister used to tell me that my bedroom vomited through the rest of the house. I can make a fine batch of choc chip cookies though.
  • Jane Austen is my literary comfort food.
  • I was born in Dunedoo, but was so embarrassed about this as a teenager that I used to lie and say I was born “somewhere in Sydney”.
  • I once accidentally flashed our garbagemen.
  • I love music, and used to play piano reasonably well. My Mum and Dad gave me my old piano for my birthday a few years ago, which is like having an old friend back in the house.
  • Most of my closest friends were in my year at high school, including my husband.
  • I have two awesome big sisters. They both live a few hours away from me, but we have a constant iMessage conversation running, day and night. We used to have an alternative conversation with our Mum that had fewer swear words in it, but gave up on that. She now shockingly knows that we sometimes swear.
  • My family are just my whole world, and my number one priority.
  • I’m probably mildly biased, but I’m pretty sure my boys are the most divine creatures that ever graced this Earth. One is serious and well-mannered, and full of love. The other is cheeky and spirited, and full of infectious joy {also lovingly known as my demon spawn}.


I hope you enjoy reading (and seeing) my photography journey, and hopefully I can inspire others to follow their photographic dreams as well.

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