How Not to be a Jerk #2


“Have integrity: Do the right thing, even when no one else is watching.”

Our blackboard “wise words” of the week. Our boys are best friends 95% of the time. Then they have days where they are just at each other all the live-long day. When you try and sort out what they are fighting about, and why someone is crying (usually Charlie), I always get two vastly different stories.

My tool for this situation: the fake webcam. Yes, I tell my boys that I have a secret webcam set up in their room, and if I have to sit down to watch it to see what actually happened, they’ll both be in BIG. TROUBLE.

I get the real story in about five seconds.

I’m really trying to encourage the boys to tell the truth from the start, partly because I’m aware that the Fake Webcam strategy will only work for a limited period before they work out there isn’t one there. But mostly because I’d really like them to grow up to be honest, trustworthy people with integrity. Not just to tell the truth because they’re scared of Mummy watching their behaviour on a webcam.

I want my children to be the sort of humans to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not just because someone is watching them.

And yes, I am also aware of the irony of lying to my children to get them to tell the truth…

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