Get Your Shit Together

I’ve had a pretty crappy day today. I’ve been following an exercise program the last few weeks and have somehow managed to anger my feet with such a concept. I can currently manage no more than a slow hobble. When you’re actually really enjoying getting up and walking every morning, and going to the gym, it’s a little dispiriting to have to have a break. Plus my foot is covered in Manuka honey and bandaids.

Then, I somehow managed to get the date wrong for an event at my sons‘ school, which meant that a) I didn’t pack lunch for my children today, and b) I needlessly rocked up to their school in the middle of the day.

After already having forgotten a pupil free day and taken them to school last term, I just walked out (somewhat embarrassed), thinking, “Why can’t I just get my #&%* together?”.

Honestly, I’m realistic. I don’t expect perfection of myself or anyone else. But I do expect myself to meet the somewhat low bar of “getting the dates right for school events”, “providing somewhat nutritious meals for kids (and occasionally husband)”, and “able to walk through house without tripping over shit”. And day after day, it really feels like I’m falling short. Sometimes, I just think, lady, come on, you’re an adult now. It’s time to start adulting and actually get your shit together.

I made this little daily planner at the start of the year, and it sits on my fridge. Usually it’s empty, because I forget to actually fill it in. So Day 1 of Getting my Shit Together will be actually completing my “Get Your Shit Together” day planner each day.

Small steps…


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