Rediscovering Film

A little while ago, while going through some boxes, I found my husband’s old film SLR, that he took with him when he travelled around the US, Mexico, Europe and Korea. I really love the authentic look of 35mm film images, and I wanted to challenge myself to make sure I have my images composed properly, rather than thinking “meh, I’ll fix that later in Photoshop…”

So I bought a roll of the cheapest film possible, YouTubed how to put film into the camera (I’d completely forgotten, it’s been so long), and took my boys to the beach at sunset, and I have to say I’m a little in love with the result. Main issue for me was the boys making stupid faces {“That just cost Mummy $2, boys!”}. I’m considering adding a few film images to my sessions in the future, although only for lifestyle and location sessions, not for the studio.

Anyway, here are a few shots from our first roll, bar the ones with the unfortunate faces.



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