Christmas ADVENTures

Today is the first day of December, the first day of Summer, and the countdown to Christmas has begun! Yay!

My enthusiasm for Christmas tends to cycle from “mild” to “jazzed” from year to year, usually depending on how much effort I put in the previous years. Luckily, this year is falling on the “jazzed” side of things. The last time I was super jazzed about Christmas, I made an advent calendar of Christmas activities for the boys to do, rather than giving them sugar each day. So I decided to do the same thing again this year.

I’ll be honest, some of the activities are what we would have been doing anyway. And some of them, particularly today, Day 1, were spectacularly half-assed. And I have to say, there are some in there that are extremely unlikely to actually happen. But the intentions are there, and I’m sure that counts for something.

So here is how me and the boys (and sometimes Husband) shall be counting down to Christmas with our Christmas 2Day 1: Eat a candy cane. (I told you it was half-assed.)

Day 2: Write a letter to Santa.

Day 3: Read a Christmas book.

Day 4: Go to Christmas in Civic Park – they’re lighting up a Christmas tree, and there will be music and food.

Day 5: Put the Christmas tree up.

Day 6: Watch the Santa Fun Run at Honeysuckle.

Day 7: Draw/paint a Christmas picture.

Day 8: Make a paper garland.

Day 9: Hand out and mail Christmas cards.

Day 10: Donate some pre-loved toys and books to charity.

Day 11: Watch “The Polar Express”.

Day 12: Christmas Party with our urban family.

Day 13: Carol by Candlelight at Speers Point Park – Auntie Tendayi is singing!

Day 14: Give Christmas thank you gifts to Alex’s teachers, and Charlie’s preschool teacher.

Day 15: Watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Day 16: Drive around and look at the Christmas lights.

Day 17: Make Christmas fudge and deliver it to friends.

Day 18: Watch “The Nutcracker”.

Day 19: Go to Olive Tree Markets for last minute gifts.

Day 20: Get photo taken with Santa.

Day 21: Choose a country and Google how they celebrate Christmas.

Day 22: Make a nativity scene out of natural treasures.

Day 23: Put a gift for an under-privileged child under the Wishing Tree.

Day 24: Christmas Eve dinner + put out milk and cookies for Santa.

Day 25: Christmas Day!

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