Update: What’s new with you?

Oh Lordy, I have let this whole blog thing slide, haven’t I? Hmm, the last six months have been strange. I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten lazy with all kinds of communication lately, social media and otherwise. Work has been a little quiet, and I have been quietly enjoying the break, but I am ready to jump back in again.

Alex came down with pneumonia and asthma at the start of May, and ended up in hospital. I ended up catching some kind of horrible virus from the hospital (presumably), which took me over a month to recover from. I was very worried about spreading my cooties to any of the precious little people that come into my studio, so I put off all of my sessions for about six weeks to give myself time to heal, and make sure I didn’t spread any viruses around.

Alex is all recovered now, but he does officially have an “asthma” diagnosis now. He had two “incidents” last Winter, and while we were at the hospital with the pneumonia, his doctor told us that every time he gets a cold over Winter, it’s likely to bring on the wheezing fun of asthma. Surely enough, he got a sniffle the other week and ended up needing Ventolin for two weeks. Still, it’s manageable, and he’s fine. I had asthma growing up, and grew out of it, and it doesn’t really stop him from doing anything, so we’re pretty relaxed about it.

By the way, pnuemonia and hospital visit were slightly scary. I’m usually pretty chilled out about the kids being sick. They’re not in any mortal danger, and my kids are usually the ones jumping around the emergency room while I try to convince the triage nurse that I’m not insane and they were actually deathly sick before we got there. This time, though, I only took him to the hospital because his wheezing was so bad I could hear him in bed from the hallway, and I assumed they’d just give him another dose of Redipred and we could be on our way (it was the third hospital visit that weekend for his wheezing), but when they put that little finger clip thing on, his blood oxygen level was about 89%.

There’s nothing more disconcerting than having a doctor say “that can’t be right!” when testing your child, looking for another machine, coming up with the same result, testing it on themselves, then back on the child, getting the same result, then calling for someone else to come and check it. That happened about five times that night, every time a new doctor or nurse checked him out. Poor little man ended up on oxygen, which still only got his oxygen up to 92%, he had a chest x-ray, he had his first blood test, he had a cannula… He was pretty unhappy by morning.


We were told he’d need to stay in for a few days until he was no longer oxygen dependent, but after he was taken up to the ward, the doctor there said that even though his blood oxygen levels were not great, he seemed okay, and once they got some good heavy duty drugs into him, the wheezing got much better, and we got to go home in time to pick Charlie up from preschool. He got to spend the afternoon watching a Star Wars Clone Wars marathon on his hospital bed TV, so he was happy.

One thing that got me during our little hospital drama was how important it is to have support around you. This particular day happened to be a day when Husband unfortunately HAD to go away for a few days for work at 7am, which meant there was no one to watch Charlie. Usually, Husband’s parents help us out at the drop of a hat, or mine, if they can, but John’s parents were overseas at the time, which meant ringing my best friend at 5:20am to have her come and sit with Alex at the hospital so I could dash home before Husband left and get Charlie to preschool for the day. Not only did she get to the hospital at 6am and miss a few hours of work, another friend came later and brought us lunch and snacks plus a Lego set for Alex, and another friend brought us groceries and dinner when we got home from hospital that night. I just couldn’t have gotten through those few days without my dearly beloved friends.


Besides living in a hotbed of disease around here, things have been relatively quiet. We survived the Wild Newcastle Storms with only our picnic table in the bottom of our pool and a broken roller door. My in-laws have been in India for a few months, but are finally home now to two happy little grandsons. Charlie turned four in May, but I was too sick to hold his party, so poor neglected second child had no party this year. Will make up for it next year with an awesome fifth birthday party.

The boys are just growing up so beautifully. Alex just blows me away some days with his wisdom. Charlie blows me away daily with his ability to threaten my sanity. We have put Charlie’s enrolment form in to start “big school” next year, but with the assurance that we can withdraw it any time until the last day of school this year, and he can just start the year after. We had a meeting with the principal, who assured us that even if we do send him next year and it turns out to be a disaster, we can pull him out and start him in 2017, or even finish the year and he can repeat. He told us that the kids barely even notice, and it’s only the parents that worry. Some days, I think he’ll be fine. He’s starting to read and he can do his brother’s year one maths homework, and he’s very social and popular at his preschool. Other days, I just think, I really can’t inflict this stubborn devil-child on a teacher yet. Still, there are seven months until school starts, so who knows where he’ll be by then.

The boys both had hair cuts, and now look like slightly different sized versions of each other.

alex's mirror small charlie haircut small

I like Charlie’s hair better long, so I’m growing it back out again. My wild man suits having wild hair. Alex likes his short, so we’ll keep his nice and neat. It suits him.

The next few months are looking to be quite busy with lots of photo sessions booked in and a wedding or two, so I’ll try really hard to get the blog back up to date with the sessions I’ve missed all this year, and try and keep it current over the next few months. I’ll start with little Ruby, whose session I photographed back in January…

boys small

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