{Newcastle Wedding Photographer} Karla and Gareth

Karla and Gareth were married over the October long weekend at the gorgeous Briar Ridge vineyard, and I had the honour of photographing their awesome, intimate, low key wedding. Karla was such a beautiful bride, rocking a bit of a vintage 1930s look (please don’t quote me on the decade, I’m just guessing), and their wedding was covered in beautiful, freshly picked native flowers. Set out on the grounds of the vineyard, it was just breathtaking.

Karla and Gareth’s wedding was on the last day before Daylight Savings started for the year, and we unfortunately lost the light a little early, as the vineyard was down in a valley, so we had to do some super-quick shots of the bride and groom, followed by super-quick family shots. As with everything else on the day that didn’t quite go to plan (and there was a lot), Karla and Gareth was so completely cool and calm about it. You could tell that the most important thing for them was spending the rest of their lives together, not the little details of one day in their life, which I think is always a good sign for any marriage.

The reception was such a blast – there was lots of bare-foot dancing once the band started. Even the bride did the traditional “first dance” barefoot. And when the band played “The Time of My Life”, there were lots of Swayze-esque lifts attempted. Some were even successful. Along with glowing hula hoops and exploding sparklers, it was a really fun night.

Congratulations, Karla and Gareth!


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