{Newcastle Newborn Photographer} Isaac and Harrison

A few weeks ago, I photographed identical twins, Isaac and Harrison, on their “zero birthday”, that is, on their due date. The boys were born four weeks early, so were exactly four weeks old by their due date. So I headed over for a lifestyle newborn session with the boys and their lovely Mummy & Daddy, Cath and Paul. And their fur-siblings, Lloyd and Lola. (Quite frankly, Lloyd and Lola made me work harder than Isaac and Harrison…)

Cath and Paul were both in the same year as me and Husband, and have been a couple since year eleven, and I have to admit, I was so overjoyed when I found out they were having twins that I may have lost it and cried a little. And was also possibly a little terrified on their behalf. I found one newborn stressful enough, it’s hard to imagine two… Cath and Paul are like the ducks with the water though, and are doing an absolutely amazing job. Sleep deprivation and all.

A not-so-fun pregnancy later, the boys are here! While they are identical, they do actually look a little different, at least size-wise – Isaac is noticeably bigger than Harrison. Isaac also totally had his grump on for most of the time for our session, so we had to do the old “keep the dummy in until I’m ready to take the shot, then remove quickly” routine.

I really do love photographing families in their homes. It’s such a blessing, especially when they have a bedroom with an awesome skylight that provides a really unusual light, and a beautifully decorated nursery – Cath made the gorgeous bunting you can see in the background of some photos herself.

So congratulations, Cath and Paul, and welcome to Isaac and Harrison.

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