{Newcastle Newborn Photographer} Joshua Ian

Introducing Joshua Ian, aged thirteen days old when he came to visit with me his Mummy, Daddy and big sister Annaleise. I always feel so lucky to photograph anyone’s newborn, but I must admit I get a little extra excited to photograph babies of old, old friends, and get up close and personal with their brand new human beings, and steal lots of cuddles. Chris and Annie are just the loveliest, and we had such a great session. Also, it was kind of like having a walking Country Road catalogue in the studio with these gorgeous people in the studio.

Annie and I both find it amusing that we are both married to Asian men, yet our Anglo-Asian children do not look Asian at all, so we’ll see in time if Joshua follows Annaleise and ends up with blonde hair and green eyes. Either way, he’s just beautiful, and so loved by his big sister.

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2 responses to “{Newcastle Newborn Photographer} Joshua Ian

  1. Jo JO JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are unbelievably good!!! The shots you hit of Annaleise are just so fresh & life-filled! Josh looks scrumptious & you have somehow my husband and I look much better than we actually did (how is you hide the sleep-deprivation that I’m sure was tattooed all over my face before those shots??? #newbornseason !!
    I can’t wait til I can tell as many people in my neighbourhood (&beyond) how great you are!!! Thank you for photographing our family – the memories are invaluable!!!!

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