100 Days of Happy

Okay, so lots of my Facebook friends were doing this, and I thought it sounded like fun, so why not? I’m a very cheery, positive person, so it shouldn’t be that challenging to find one thing in every day that makes you happy. Which is all well and good. Unfortunately, actually remembering to take photos of what made you happy can be a problem. And some things just cannot be captured in a photograph.

Around the 60 day mark, I had one thing after another that wasn’t particularly happy, including one grandparent passing away, another put it in a nursing home, emergency room visits, a car that kept breaking down, a leaking roof, a video card that stopped working, a broken pram, several days of illness…

Generally “first world problems”, but frustrating and not exactly happiness-inspiring stuff. Yep, I did actually find it challenging to photograph something that made me happy after that point. I tried. Most of the last 1/3 of this project felt incredibly contrived, and not exactly an accurate portrayal of my car breaking down five days in a row, being stuck at home and dependent on Husband to drive me around, or lying on the lounge sucking on hydralite ice blocks, and not being able to eat for four days.

Regardless, despite my lack of enthusiasm towards the end, 100 days have passed, so here is what brought me happiness during that time.


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