{Newcastle Children Photographer} My Nieces and Nephews

This is a slightly delayed post, and I know my sister is hanging out for it, so, sorry, Kel…

On the Easter long weekend, I did a photo shoot with my sister and brother-in-law and their five gorgeous kids: Zoe, 12, Erin, 10, Callum, 7, Annika, 2, and Eamon 1. I find my sister’s family quite inspirational. I struggle with time management with just two kids and working from home. My sister and brother-in-law both work full-time, and still manage to find time to do the 5K Park Runs on the weekend, as well as soccer, tae kwondo, orienteering, triathlons, adventure racing, and whatever else you can think of… My sister even managed to fit in her Masters a few years ago. Geez. I find it quite mind-boggling. And impressive. I feel better that I know  that right now my sister has a big pile of laundry somewhere in her house though. No one is perfect.

So I’m very blessed to have these gorgeous kids as cousins for Alex and Charlie, and they adore them. Everyone was quite sick over the Easter weekend, and poor little Eamon did not want his photo taken, but I managed to snap a few in between tears. I absolutely love my nieces’ and nephews’ eyes. They are quite distinct. Zoe and Eamon have the exact same eyes, my sister’s dark brown eyes; Erin, Callum and Annika have very clear blue eyes, my brother-in-law’s eyes. Just gorgeous.

So here, Kel, is your gorgeous family.
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