{Newcastle Newborn Photographer} Thomas James

Meet Thomas James. He was born on 9 April, a strapping 9 pounds, 5 ounces. This little guy is quite special to me, as his Mummy, Kylie, is one of my closest friends, and an ex-housemate, and I love getting to photograph (and cuddle) the offspring of my nearest and dearest. We have quite a few little ones between us all now, and a few more impending new humans to arrive in the next few months, including twins. Every year, my friends and I have a big Christmas party, where we all take turns to host, and cook, and have “secret santa”. I find it wonderful that we will have four brand new people there this year. Lovely.

And so Thomas is the first to arrive of the new people. Throughout Kylie’s pregnancy, we called him “George”, and I may have called him George a few times in his session. We actually had two sessions with Thomas, as his Daddy, Mick, couldn’t make it to the first one, so we had another a week or so later. Thomas’s big sister, Lily,  who is almost 4, is so loving with her little brother, and loves him to bits and pieces. Such a gorgeous little girl.

Thomas makes an appearance with his stuffed dragon, named George. Hopefully, we can take some photos of Thomas with George as he grows older to see how big he’s gotten.

This post really covers three sessions: a few images from Kylie’s maternity session (pre-approved, fully clothed images), Thomas’s first session with his grandparents present, and his second with his Daddy present.

Welcome, little man.

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