{Newcastle Wedding Photographer} Alisha & Hayden

A wedding! Alisha & Hayden are just the sweetest, most in love young things you could meet*. Their little one, Drake, turned one just two weeks before their wedding,  so we planned a First Birthday photo session for then, actually at the wedding venue, so I had a chance to look around beforehand (you can view Drake’s first birthday photos here).

So on 5 April, these two lovers got married at the Apollo hotel. Alisha’s instructions to me before the day were that family was the priority for the day. Drake was to be included at every point, as were Alisha’s younger brother, Tom, and sister, Maddy, who were part of the bridal party. And Drake was amazing. Until ten minutes before the ceremony. He lost it. Completely. While the plan had been to have Hayden hold Drake during the ceremony, Alisha ended up having to have a friend try and settle him while she had Hayden were married, which led to a few tears from Alisha as well.

We had a few issues with the weather, as Alisha and Hayden had planned an outdoor ceremony, and the weather was going and forth from raining, to threatening a storm, to sunny, then back to raining, all in the matter of five minutes. Thankfully, the staff at the Apollo were wonderful for Alisha, and set up both the indoor and an alternative outdoor venue for the ceremony, so either would be available no matter what the weather. Thankfully, the rain held off for the ceremony and the sun even made an appearance.

The ceremony was gorgeous and personal, the bride and groom wrote their own vows. The groomsmen both had tears, then Maddie, Alisha’s sister, wrote the sweetest speech for the ceremony that made everyone cry, including a poem that she had written herself. After the ceremony, Drake had calmed a little and joined his newlywed Mummy and Daddy for a few photos.

Check out the bride’s amazing shoes, a pair of sky-high Steve Maddens, which I was super impressed that Alisha could walk in so comfortable them without falling over. You’ll note the groomsmen and pageboy (and Drake) all wearing matching Jordans as their formal shoeware for the day.

So congratulations to Alisha and Hayden, and all of the best wishes for your gorgeous family.


*They’re not really that young, I just first met Alisha when she was about ten years old, so in my mind, she’s still ten and I’m not really 1000 years old…

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