{Newcastle Newborn Photographer} Ella Jane

Meet Miss Ella, aged 10 days old. Sometimes, you forget how traumatic the birthing process can be for a tiny little bub, until you see the physical marks that can be left behind. Poor little Ella had a rough start to this world, with a bad case of jaundice and a big ol’ sore haematoma on her little head. Such a precious little girl, and so very adored by her Mummy, Kristen, and Daddy, Gary. Ella was having some attachment issues to her dummy this day, so we let her keep it. It’s my job to try and photograph babies just as they are, so if a ten day old needs their dummy to be able to settle, that’s what I photograph.

I LOVE the vintage bonnet and booties Kristen and Gary found a few weeks before Ella was born – they were from the 1930s. Absolutely adorable.

Introducing, Ella Jane…

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