{Newcastle Children Photographer} Drake is One!

Back in March, little Drake, who I first met when he was three weeks old, turned one, and we had a First Birthday session to celebrate. While I usually do sessions for this age in my studio, we planned Drake’s session at the venue of his Mum & Dad’s upcoming wedding, the Apollo Hotel at Charlestown. Drake is such a cutie, and due to a fear of walking on the grass, was actually pretty easy to keep up with. Even back in his newborn session, Drake was such a Daddy’s boy, and spent every second he could staring up his Daddy, Hayden. Even now, over eleven months later, he is still a very determined Daddy’s boy. You’ll note that Hayden and Drake are wearing matching outfits. It was actually a little challenging to get a photo of Alisha and Drake together, because Drake just wanted Daddy to hold him. It’s quite sweet. Drake’s favourite game was making Hayden howl like a wolf. He pushes back Hayden’s chin and then they both howl together. It is adorable.

Also, when Drake points at things, he uses his middle finger. All the time. It can sometimes look a little rude. And hilarious…

So happy birthday to Drake!

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