{Newcastle Family Photographer} Jack, Brett and Katherine

Eighteen month old Jack, with his Mummy, Katherine, and Daddy, Brett, came to see me a few weeks ago for a family session, and we had so much fun. Jack had a great time exploring my yet-to-be-furnished-or-unpacked nook, and we tried to grab him every now and then for a photo… Jack has the biggest, most gorgeous brown eyes you have ever seen, and he LOVES his Mummy. So much so that it was quite difficult to snap a photo with his Daddy. It’s funny how someĀ babies and toddlers seem to have a preference for one parent over the other, and it quite often seems to an arbitrary choice for them.

Here is this gorgeous family:

007 037 040 044 053 059 061 063 067 074 075 079 100 107 112 126 127 135 202 203 216 217 229 233 245 249 258 264 266 270 275

One response to “{Newcastle Family Photographer} Jack, Brett and Katherine

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