{Newcastle Family Photographer} The Hannah Family

Eek, I have a lot to catch up on! First up is a family session from Ye Olde Christmas Rush a few weeks ago, with the Hannahs: Mick, Allison, Jack, aged 4, and Willbur, aged 2. These boys certainly kept me on my feet, but they are such darling boys. I even got a hug at the end, and that’s always lovely.

I’m picking up on a theme of “photo session anxiety” from my photo sessions recently. I think everyone wishes their children would sit quietly and perform an adorable smile on cue, but if any child actually did that, I would probably find it a little creepy. My attitude, as the photographer, is to let the kids have fun and enjoy themselves, and hopefully get the parents to understand that I don’t have time limits – your photo session is complete when I have the photos I need. If it takes half an hour, awesome, but if it takes three hours, so be it. I am incredibly patient, one of the many gifts I have developed as a result of parenting my somewhat high-spirited and challenging little ones, and I need to make it clear to all parents that your children are not being as naughty or obnoxious as you think they are. If we get a complete lack of participation, then we can reschedule, and it’s no big deal. So here’s to encouraging parents to relax in the New Year…

So without any further ado:

232 237 241 248 249 251230



260 262 268 275 294 324 330 344 362 386 388 393 395 089 097 117 131 132 154214




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