Ann-Marie and Chris – 10 Year Anniversary

We’re finally in our new house! The last few weeks have been a bit insane, and we’re still far from unpacked, but the new house is somewhat functional now, so that’s a great start. I have been absolutely flat out for the last few weeks, with no end in sight, but I’ll try and keep up with my blog. This post is about a really fun photo shoot I did a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by my friend, Ann-Marie. It was her and husband’s ten year wedding anniversary, and she wanted to do something special. Annie had recently discovered that she still fit into her wedding dress, so she put together a surprise for Chris. They were spending the week away at Terrigal, and on their last night, she arranged for me to bring her wedding dress and Chris’s suit, and to do a photo session, ten years on.

First, she had arranged for Chris to be out of the room by sending him off for a massage. Then she did her hair and make-up, and laid out their hotel bed with rose petals and print-outs of their early relationship text messages. After I arrived, she popped into her wedding dress, then left a note for Chris to dress in his suit and to meet her downstairs in the hotel lobby. She waited on the grand staircase of their hotel, and when Chris came out of the elevator opposite, he looked up and saw his gorgeous “bride”, descending the staircase. It was very sweet, and Chris was certainly surprised.

On an amusing note, I had written down a few notes of shots I wanted to get, including crudely drawn stick figures, but had accidentally left it in the hotel room. Chris had found it while putting on his suit, and thought it must have been instructions for him left by Annie, but wasn’t able to decode them… I can’t imagine why.

And so, then my job began! We had so much fun, and Chris and Ann-Marie are still gorgeous after ten years of marriage. They are just the loveliest people, and to know them is to love them. I met both of them in my first year of uni, well before they were a couple, and Ann-Marie (although she will always be Annie to me) opened up her home, heart and music to me and allowed me to stay a few nights a week to avoid a horrid commute to uni. Husband and Chris are also team-mates on various sporting teams, and are known to get into competitive “vertical leap” contests on occasions. I photographed their absolutely stunning daughter’s first  birthday cake smash last September, and you can see where she gets her good looks from.

Our photo shoot took place after a few days of horrendous hot weather, with bushfires burning all around our area. (The closest bushfire was about 5 minutes drive from our new house.) You’ll notice the light is particularly orange, a result of bushfire smoke remaining in the atmosphere, not my editing. I couldn’t resist a cheesy “writing in the sand” shot of these two, and Annie took the opportunity to splash around in her wedding dress. At the end of the shoot, we headed back up to their hotel room, where I asked, “So… you guys wanna jump on the bed?”

You’ll see their answer below.














137 (2)

















jumping on the bed

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