Challenge Week 14

Getting closer to moving day! I can’t say I’ve really been moving along with the packing though. Partly due to a lack of boxes, partly due to a lack of motivation. It’s all very smooth so far, and getting very exciting. Although, the closer we get to moving date, the more I both love and hate certain aspects of our current house. After straining my shoulders carrying groceries up the driveway earlier this week, and ending up with a headache for two days, I am very much looking forward to a garage with internal access. Anyone who has had to walk up my driveway and front steps will understand why.

I will certainly miss this house though, and all the memories we have here. I find it very strange to think about someone else living in a house we’ve lived in for literally almost our entire relationship, and brought both of our boys home from the hospital to. To have someone else cooking in the kitchen we designed, putting their clothes in our wardrobes, walking over where the boys took their first steps. Tears…

On the photo front, I’ve just finished processing a different shoot to my normal fare – male model portfolio shots. Young Seth is quite shy though, so I won’t be posting any of his shots on Facebook or here, but I am quite happy with the results. I’ll be delivering his CD of images tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll be happy as well. Newborn Willow should be on the blog next week, and I have a child session booked for next Monday. I can’t wait to set up my new studio at my new house!

So my challenge photos this week were of both the boys having a bath. I decided I wanted a picture of the boys in the bath framed on the wall in our new main bathroom. So these are my shots of two wet cutie-pies.



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