Challenge Week Something and Newcastle Tots

So big changes are afoot in these parts – we bought a new house! We made the decision to move to “the sticks”, and found a lovely house with lots of room to move. It’s only an extra ten minutes travel time, and we decided we could deal with that. It actually didn’t take long to find our house, and everything has gone really smoothly so far, so fingers crossed it continues that way. We should be moving in about a month, so I’m in packing and cleaning mode at the moment.

Although it has meant I’ve been a bit lazy (lazier) with some housework. I keep thinking, what’s the pointing of packing those toys away, I’m going to have to pack them in a box soon… I am a terrible housewife.

I have a great room to use as my studio, and I can’t wait to start setting it up. Our new house is somewhat larger than this house, so much so that we have nowhere near enough furniture to fill it. Which is fine by me. I like the minimalist look.

Besides that, I’ve been plenty with photo shoots, my birthday and shopping, All the important things. I turned one year older this week. Birthdays really do start to get more depressing the older you get. Slowly crawling my way towards the grave and all that. At least I have a life filled with the most lovely and divine people to make the journey fun. I spent Monday shopping with some of my oldest and closest friends, lasagne and pavlova on my birthday (that admittedly, I made) with the family and two of our other friends, gourmet pizza with my Mum & Dad last weekend, and Subo tomorrow night with John’s parents. And we’re still trying to work out a date for the traditional birthday meal I share with two of my best friends. We got too lazy to think of presents a few years ago, so we decided we’d just go out for dinner for each of our birthdays, and the other two pay for the birthday gal. Spending our very limited time together is always the best present though.

I have also decided to start adding some non-photographic posts to my blog. I started writing some bits and pieces earlier this year, sort of a how-to guide for Newcastle parents. I started writing these after I was inspired by a friend who was asking for a lot of advice about what to buy for a baby, what to read, what life is like with a baby, and so forth. I started emailing her lists and bits of information, and she liked them so much that she encouraged me to write more and make it available for others to read.

My two shots of the boys for this week:



Alex, just after playing under the sprinkler in the divine weather we’ve been having lately. And Charlie, using wet pavement chalk to draw all over the house. I would rather they didn’t actually draw on the house, but it keeps them entertained for ages, and it only takes a quick hose down to clean it off. Good times…

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