Challenge Week 12

Well, we have had a busy week. One of my sisters was up visiting, and we had a cute photo shoot with my nieces last Friday. Father’s Day over the weekend, although Husband had the flu, my Dad was away, and we decided to postpone my Father-in-law’s celebration, so it wasn’t much of a day.

Husband and I are starting to look for a new house, which is very exciting, and quite frustrating. We have just outgrown this house, and it’s time to move on. We aren’t in a hurry though, so we’ll take our time until the right house comes along. We have discovered the quandary of every house buyer in Newcastle – space or location… We can either move into something not much bigger than where we are now, and be close to Alex’s school for next year, and shopping centres and the like; or we can move to the outer ‘burbs and live in a much bigger house, with a nice yard. It’s hard to decide if the bigger house option is worth the extra 10-15 minute commute each way. It would mean moving away from a lot of the conveniences I love, like being 2 minutes from Charlestown Square, ten minutes to the beach, ten minutes to the lake, fifteen minutes from my best friend. But the space, oh, the space. I feel so claustrophobic, for lack of a better word, in our house sometimes…

iPhone shot of the lake at sunrise the other day on my morning jog. Do I really want to move further away from this?


So I’m cheating a little bit this week with my photo of Charlie, because I just took it on my iPhone at Newcastle Baths the other day, but I think he looks cute, “classic Charlie”, and it’s my challenge, so I can cheat if I want to. We had been at little friend’s birthday party earlier that day, and Charlie’s Godmummy had painted his face as Lightning McQueen, per his request, but it had kind of turned into “Mexican wrestler” by  this time.

Also, note to self, avoid letting children eat three entire jelly cups each at birthday parties… We had a weekend of feral.


And a shot of Alex with his cousin Madeleine, during the photo session we did the other day. Alex and Madeleine sometimes look more like siblings than cousins, which is surprising considering Alex’s Daddy is Korean, and me and my sister are not particularly alike. Madeleine is three, almost exactly a year younger than Alex, and we love that they’re at an age where they play together so beautifully now. They only get to see each other a few times a year, but I’m so glad they get along well. I love my cousins, so I always hoped my children would be close to their own cousins.


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