Week 11

It’s birthday bonanza week! This week in August is always a bit chaotic, as there are six birthdays of Dearly Beloveds in a nine day period, including my Mum’s and my sister’s. We had a joint celebration for my Mum and sister last Friday night, giving the boys lots of time to play with their cousins, and gave me an opportunity to bake a birthday cake. While I am, at best, a below average cook, I do love to bake cakes. I took a bit of inspiration from Pinterest and make a pink “ombre” cake, that is, slowly increasing in colour. I didn’t make the colours strong enough in the actual butter cake, but the icing looked reasonably good. It was exceedingly delicious, at least, although I learned that if you have six layers, and if even one is not perfectly flat, by the time you get to the top layer, it will be significantly lopsided…


My two shots of the boys this week:


The view I wake up to four out of seven days. While it is a beautiful, angelic face, I would enjoy a full night’s sleep without getting kicked in the face. We will have to go hard-ass on his sleeping at some point, but at the moment, I figure if it’s easier to just chuck him in our bed and get some sleep, be it slightly unsettled, than have him screaming his head off for hours and keeping us all awake. We’re taking the “that’s a problem for Future Mummy” approach at the moment.


Oh, my beautiful Alex. We’ve had a big week in the last week organising Kindergarten enrolment, and I’m quite excited about him starting this new phase in his life next year. That’s not to say I won’t be weeping as I say goodbye on his first day, but I look forward to seeing him go through all the fun and challenges of his school life. I personally hated primary school, and thought it was a huge waste of time, so I hope he has a better experience than me. I think we’ve picked a really positive, supportive school, where the children all seem to be really engaged, so I think he’ll be okay.

Have a great week!

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