A bit of a catch-up. Again.

I’d like to say I’ve been furiously busy the last few weeks, hence my lack of photos and communication. But I really haven’t. I do wish I had a few extra hours in my days, days in my week, and weeks in my months, but the last few weeks have really just been busy with kid-related business, exercising, and attempting to have my house in a non-pigsty state. Quite frankly, I don’t think I’ve done a stellar job of any of them.

I have actually reached one of my Life Goals, however, which I’m quite proud of myself for. Goal 7: Become a jogger. Well, I can now very easily jog 5km, and am working at increasing my speed now. My best time is still quite slow, 5 min and 45 seconds per kilometre, but considering my lack of fitness not that long ago, I’m pretty happy with that for now. Up until last week, I was going to the gym at 5am, then following it with a 5km jog, almost every morning. It was too much. I just couldn’t sustain it. I was falling asleep at 8pm every night, and that’s not living. There is no point exercising like that if it isn’t improving my life.  So I’ve dropped back to a gym session one day, jog the next day, and a rest day every few days as well. I think I’m actually losing more weight now too, which is a bonus.

I had to stop jogging on the treadmill due to shin splints, and now jog around the Lake. It’s starting to get light a little earlier now, which is nice, but there are plenty of other early morning walkers and joggers around so it’s not overly scary. The scariest thing is trying to avoid the dog faeces that dirty ferals haven’t scooped up from their dogs. I just turn on my music and tune out the world for half an hour while I jog. My usual music taste is quite laidback and acoustic, but I seem to prefer “angry” music when I jog. There’s an interesting mix of The Prodigy, Metallica and Rage against the Machine, as opposed to Joshua Radin, Regina Spektor and Nick Drake.

This is a shot I took on my iPhone of the gorgeous view I get to jog with in the morning. Such a great way to start the day.


Besides the jogging, I’ve been taking the kids to different activities each day. Charlie has started going to playgroup again, and both boys are going to Mainly Music on Wednesdays now. We’ve picked up speech pathology again for Alex, as he’s still having trouble with a few sounds (damn those S’s), and I finally took Charlie for an assessment. He’s 27 months, and still quite non-verbal so it was time to address it. His receptive language is, of course, fantastic, equivalent to a 3 year old’s, but his expressive language is quite behind. So it’s daily therapy time for both the boys now. Even over the last two weeks, I can see an improvement in Charlie, so that’s encouraging.

To aid in the Charlie’s speech development, we’ve also enrolled him in daycare for one day a week. I had intended on just keeping him home until he got a preschool place in 2015 or so, but I think he really needs the outside interaction. I understand him far too easily even without words, so I think placing him in a situation where he has to communicate with words could help. He’s had two weeks of short days so far, and has settled in incredibly well, so I’ll leave him for the whole day next week. I really hope it helps him.

The extra bonus of Charlie going to daycare is that I have a whole weekday to myself for photo sessions, processing photos, or even just cleaning the house up. I have grand plans for another haircut one day soon. Dreaming big.

So I have actually been taking photos of the boys for my challenge, I just haven’t had time to post them… So I’ll catch up a few weeks now.


016Week 8: just shots of the boys on a sunny afternoon.


026aWeek 9: Charlie looking pensive, and a cheat shot not actually of Alex, but some of his favourite things: Star Wars and writing. His literacy skills are coming along quite nicely for a 4.5 year old, and he likes copying words that I write, usually names or words from Star Wars. As an aside to aforementioned issue with his S’s, he has been reading some early reader books to us each night, and Husband and I had a large parenting fail as we were in hysterics the night he read “Sit, Sam, Sit”. If you can imagine Sam being instructed to “shit” on the mat. Sham shat on the mat that night. I am a bad Mummy.


048Week 10: Charlie is such a monkey. He loved to climb on everything and hang off it. When we go shopping, he doesn’t sit in the pram any more, he hangs off the pram handle, with his feet dangling above the ground. This shot is of him during a scooter ride around the Lake, climbing the fence. I wonder if he would enjoy gymnastics…

And Alex being all handsome in his new hat that he picked out. He is getting to be too grown up. Getting closer to turning five and starting big school next year. He’s already decided on a Lego Star Wars themed birthday party for his fifth birthday. One of our little friends turned five last week with a Tinkerbell party, and Alex insisted on dressing as Obi-Wan Kenobi (I made a very simple, yet awesome, Jedi outfit for him), so we can at least reuse that for his own party. We still have 4 months until his birthday, though, so I’m sure he’ll change his mind before then.

And to close with, a little snap shot of Alex in his Jedi outfit. It looked better in person, and goes to show what you can do with two metres of cheap brown cotton and a few strategically placed stitches.


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