Savannah Rose

I met this gorgeous and tiny little girl a few weeks ago, when she was almost five weeks old. Savannah is so incredibly tiny and delicate, at five weeks, she was still smaller than my boys were when they were born. She was a hungry little girl too, wanting her mummy Kate to feed her constantly, which was out of character, but not surprising, considering she was nudie in a foreign place, with some lady taking hundreds of photos of her. Would make me hungry and cranky too.

Savannah’s friends, Isla and Asha, also came to play with their mummy, Alicia, and so Charlie and Isla enjoyed cookies and Wiggles, while us grown-ups cuddled and took photos of Savannah and ate yummy cake. Asha just kicked around on the floor. An altogether fun photo shoot.

I was quite excited about Savannah’s session, as I happened upon a piece of equipment I had been searching for just the day before. It was almost like fate. I had been looking for a blanket stand for newborn sessions, but wasn’t really willing to invest in the “Shoot Baby” stand. The day before Savannah’s photo shoot, we went to Husband’s parents’ for dinner, and they had exactly what I was looking for sitting on their front verandah, ready to be thrown away. I’m a bit of a believer in things happening for a reason, and destiny, for lack of a better word, so I like to think of my new (old) blanket stand (A.K.A. clothes hanger) as a little piece of destiny…

In any case, here is the lovely, beginning to be flame-haired, delicate Savannah Rose.

















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