Challenge Week… 7 or something

Really, it should be week 10 or something. I may have missed a few weeks… To make up for it, I’ll add in a bonus shot of each of them at the beach, exploring the rock pools. We have had unseasonably warm weather lately, even though it’s mid-July, it seemed a great time to enjoy some outdoor fun. We were even lucky enough to have whales swimming up the coast while we were there. I was possibly a little more excited than the boys. They were far too far away from the beach to see clearly, just splashes and dark creatures in the distance, so I don’t think they really knew what I was pointing at. Although I did see a huge tail fin splashing around at one point. I do love the whales. Charlie was loving jumping in the rock pools a little too much. He started in pants. It didn’t take long for him to be completely soaking, and the pants went.



My other shots are just of the boys doing their thing. Charlie sitting on his big brother (Alex is as patient as a saint with his little brother), wearing his super-funky Thai fisherman pants. And just Charlie’s gorgeous, expressive mouth.



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