Eamon, six weeks later.

My sister was up staying with my Mum & Dad last week for the school holidays, with all five of her beautiful children, and as promised, we had a make-up photo shoot for my new nephew, Eamon. He is now six weeks old, and very cute. And very adored by his elder siblings. Although 18 month old Annika still insists his name is “Lees”, which is actually her baby cousin Elyse’s name, but close enough. They’re both babies, I guess. I’m still not sure how my sister and brother-in-law handle five children without daily breakdowns, but as my sister says, you handle what you have.

Bribery was the key to participation in this photo session, as we bribed the elder kids with home-made chocolate muffins and custard if they listened to Auntie Jo and smiled upon command. Never underestimate the power of bribery when it comes to taking photos of children.

I really like these photos of my nieces and nephews. I think it captures each of them as they are. Getting-too-grown-up Zoe, daydreamer Erin, cheeky Callum, even cheekier Annika, and well, Eamon is little, so he has that working for him.  Poor little Eamon has a horrid hormone rash all over him at present. I normally don’t like photoshopping out too many things on babies, and think they should look how they look, but some light photoshopping was in order for Eamon. Not really a memory my sister needs recorded. “Look Eamon, here’s your hormone rash when you were six weeks old. Let’s get this one framed!”

Annika was unfortunately quite unwell, and refused to join in sibling photos for the most part, but we did manage to convince her to sit on my sister’s lap. Not ideal, but it worked for a few shots. Poor little thing.

So here my five gorgeous nieces and nephews!

















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