Love Story

Husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary yesterday, with a well-deserved dinner out at Bistro Tartine, followed by Man of Steel at the movies. I can’t believe we’ve been married for six years now. It’s feels like it’s gone by in a blink of an eye. Here is our love story. Well, a slightly edited version, but the general points are there.

John and I met in high school. In so much that we were in the same year at high school. I probably didn’t even have a conversation with him until we were in year twelve. My first memories of him are of a brown jumper that he wore day in and day out to school, and that he used the phone in our hotel room at Schoolies to talk to his girlfriend, and racked up a $20 bill without paying for it. We were unimpressed.

Once we were at uni, he disappeared off the radar for a few years, until our third year. Then he and our other friends started playing in a basketball team together. One of the other boys on the team was my housemate’s boyfriend (now husband), and after the game, our house became the place for the post-match celebrations (or commiserations), and for playing Tekken on the Playstation. John was, of course, part of those gatherings. We quickly bonded over our very similar taste in music and movies, our avoidance of actually going to classes, staying up all night talking, pizzas on a bench at Jesmond shops, and Maccas runs at 4am. We were best friends.

The next year, John headed to the U.S. for six months. When he got back, we slowly built up the same closeness we had before he left. We were fairly inseparable. He stayed at our house several nights a week, and we spoke to each other every day. He would ring me at bedtime and we would talk until he fell asleep. We went on an awesome road trip by ourselves to Byron Bay for New Years, where we slept in his car for three nights and bathed in the ocean. Kind of gross in hindsight, but we had a blast.

When we were 22, I wasn’t getting along with my housemates at the time, and he was still living at home, so we decided we would become housemates the next year. With a third housemate, of course, so it wouldn’t be weird. So John and I moved in together, and with, well, let’s call him “Slobby McSlobberson”. John had already started working at his first full-time job, while I meandered my way through trying to figure out what to do with my life at uni. We had such a great time as housemates. I cooked dinner for us, I ironed his work shirts, and relished the role, even though we were “just friends”. After six months, Slobby McSlobberson was asked to move out (guess why?), and it was just the two of us.

We turned 24 that year, and John bought me a gorgeous (expensive) watch for my birthday. We were so close to being a couple but without actually being a couple. It was quite devastating from time to time – young, unrequited love and all that. Once, his brother took him out on a double date with a girl, which broke my little heart just a bit. But then he came home and told me how he kept thinking how much more fun he has with me, and it just wasn’t fun with anyone else. But we were still “just friends”.

A few months later, I was still a bit lost on the career-front, and John talked me into trying accounting, which meant another degree change, and working full-time for the first time. For New Years, John and I, and all of our friends, travelled up to Brisbane to visit some friends who had moved there recently. We all had a great week. Finally, on New Years, something finally clicked for John (apparently I looked pretty that night), and he told me he loved me. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Well, not really. Relationships always have ups and downs. While it was like a fairy tale ending to me, it was really just the beginning. We literally went straight into a de facto relationship and to working together at the same accounting firm. Working together never really bothered us though. People always used to say “Oh, no, I could never work with my partner!”. John and I used to look at each other and shrug, and think “We LIKE each other”. Being a couple at last was awesome.

A year and a bit later, we did a weekend away and stayed at The Observatory hotel in Sydney, and we went out for dinner at the revolving restaurant at Sydney Tower. On the way back to the hotel, we walked up to Observatory Hill, and in the gazebo, John gave me a letter to read. At the end, it told me to close my eyes until John told me to open them. When I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand. Dear heart.

A year after that, we got married! Such an awesome day. We got married at the same church as one of my sisters, our bridal party was made up of our respective siblings and our best and oldest friends. I walked down the aisle to Northern Sky by Nick Drake. When it was my time to enter the church, the first thing I saw was John at the end of the aisle with tears in his eyes. All I remember from the ceremony is instinctively holding hands with John so we would both stop shaking from nerves. The reception was amazing, and surprisingly, it was John’s parents’ friends who were leading the party and the dancing. It was hilarious. Those Koreans certainly know how to party. We had our first dance to The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice.



(Jake Thomas Photography)

The next day, we left for our honeymoon for a road trip to Melbourne and the Great Ocean road. John even got me liking olives by the end of our honeymoon, AND we saw Alf from Home and Away eating at the same restaurant as us along the Great Ocean road. Streuth!

By our first anniversary, I was thirteen weeks pregnant with Alex. It was super awesome vomiting on our very romantic trip away. Thankfully, not too badly…

In many ways, John and I are perfect for each other, for, as one of our friends said one day, anyone else would have stabbed him in the neck by now. He is brutally honest and critical, and pushy. But it’s those things that I appreciate in him. I like having someone pushing me to be the best I can be. I like having someone being brutally honest and critical. Sometimes, it drives me insane, but I know it’s never coming from an unkind place.

But he is also supportive, and kind, and funny, and one of the most intelligent people I know.  He tolerates my bad cooking and poor housekeeping skills, even though he’s somewhat anal in his cleaning tendencies. He is such an amazing and caring father. He works long hours, but what time he spends with his kids is definitely quality time. He is their hero. And, to be honest, he’s kind of mine too.

_DSC0023qw (2)

(Note: the wedding photos I’ve posted were taken by our absolutely amazing and talented photographer Jake Thomas, who unfortunately works out of New Zealand now. He is incredibly talented, and I believe won Wedding Photographer of the year last year.

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