Happy EOFY

As a former accountant, June 30 always brings with it a sense of a new season with it, financially or otherwise. As advertising would have us call it, it’s EOFY, or for those of us that can manage to say the actual words, the end of the financial year.

It’s been a year since I started writing this blog. A lot has changed, and I’m much closer to my where I want to be than I was a year ago. Back when I first started writing, I wrote about ten life goals I wanted to achieve (at some point in my life), and so I thought it would be fun to do a “one year later” appraisal of the goals.

1. Become a photographer

I don’t think there is ever a point where you sit down and say, “hey, I’m a photographer now.” My little business has clients, and I have an absolute ball doing it, but I’m not quite ready to say “I’m a photographer”. There are so many things I still want to learn. I’d like to try my hand at a bit of landscape photography. I’ve always mostly been interested in portrait photography, but the more I learn about photography, the more I want to learn. I believe “becoming a photographer” will be a lifelong process for me.

2. Live overseas (short-term)

Some day. Maybe when husband and I are all retired and empty-nesters.

3. Go to Europe

I’m afraid this one is probably a while away. Talk at the moment is making a big Europe trip when the boys are teenagers, so probably about ten years away.

4. Go to the U.S.

This trip is slightly more on the horizon. We’re tentatively talking about a big (humungus!) America trip in about five years time. The plan at the moment is to fly to L.A., then spend a few weeks road-trippin’ all the way across the country to New York. Then fly down to Florida and do Disneyworld. Then fly back to L.A., then home. Our road trip essential stops will be San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Vegas, Kansas, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, and New York, of course. Husband spent a semester at Kansas University in 2002, so Lawrence is a must-stop so he can show us around the campus, and I can have sort of a visual frame of reference for his stories. The boys will be seven and nine in five years time, which will be a much better age for extensive road-tripping and for Disneyworld. Plus it gives us five years to plan everything and make sure we don’t miss anything.

5. Do house renovations

Meh, I’m deleting this one. I have no desire to do any extensions anymore. Will possibly look at buying a new house in the next few years.

6. Own a grand piano

Depends on progress of Number 5.

7. Become a jogger

Now this one, I’ve actually been working hard at lately. My friend Jill and I have committed ourselves to running 5km in the Lake Macquarie Parkrun in 36 days, and we’ve both been working hard to get there. Bronchitis and a badly kicked toe set me back significantly, but I’m going to the gym almost every day at the moment. I’m probably up to about 3km now. I have found that I find jogging quite boring though. I have been listening to Husband’s jogging playlist on my iphone as I jog, which is eclectic, to say the least (it varies from Katy Perry to Pantera to Weezer to Gerry and the Pacemakers), but music makes a huge difference in keeping me going when I get tired. I think I’ve developed shin splints in the last few days, so I should probably take a break for a few days. But loving getting back to a healthy body and mind.

8. Grow a veggie garden

I’ve given up over Winter. Everything died when we were travelling to and from Sydney over Summer, and now it’s too cold for most things I want to grow. Spending the rest of the Winter composting and getting the soil ready for some heavy-duty veggie growing in Spring. All I have left now is a lone chilli plant and some oregano. It’s a little sad.

9. Learn how to cook well

My Thermomix, Maude, has helped considerably in this respect. I will certainly not stretch it to say I can cook “well” now, but I’m certainly cooking better than what I was a year ago. And a lot of different things. I’m doing chermoula prawns with couscous tonight. I made amazing chocolate cupcakes the other day, that replaced the flour with cannellini beans. They were phenomenal. I don’t necessarily cook in Maude every day (although sometimes I use it three or four times), but I definitely use it to cut down the work on a lot of dishes. Before, I wouldn’t have bothered making some things, because the prep looked like too much work. Now, it takes about thirty seconds. My lazy dinner for the boys now is steamed fish and veggies with brown rice, all cooked in the thermomix. The last few weeks, I’ve been making more of an effort of trying to cook more of a variety of meals that I haven’t tried before. Some have been a bit dodgy, but the rest have been reasonably good. So, perhaps I’m getting there?

10. Learn a different language

Yeah, I’ll get to that one day…

So that’s where all of those things are at. Besides that, the last few months have been busy with getting well again, taking lots of photos, getting Alex ready for “big school” next year, lots of scooter rides, shopping, playing… The usual fare.

John and I are celebrating our anniversary shortly, which will be fun. We’re planning a big dinner out and watching Man of Steel at the movies. We’ve been trying to watch all of the movies and TV shows we have sitting around that we haven’t watched yet lately. I recently discovered Doctor Who (the new series), trying to fill in the time until Game of Thrones is on again (only nine months to go). I watched the first two seasons marathon-style. But then Rose and the Doctor were separated into different universes, and I cried like I hadn’t cried in a TV show since Buffy killed Angel, so I’m having a break. Everything I’ve been watching lately has been so depressing. I need something uplifting to watch.

I realised last week that I hadn’t been doing very many interesting things with the boys during the week, so I took them to the museum this morning. Made me feel like a slightly better Mummy. The boys pretty much stick to the playground section and an old tram they can climb on, so they have a ball. I took a few shots of them playing there this morning, for my weekly challenge photos.


After the museum, I took Alex for a badly needed haircut. As much as I love his long curls, he was starting to look like a dirty hippy kid. And even shop assistants were referring to him as a girl, not just his semi-senile great grandmother. He looks somehow younger with his new shorter ‘do.

So happy end-of-financial year to one and all. Yay. Tax return time…

Photos for the week, taken on the tram at Newcastle Museum:



And a quick snap of Alex’s new haircut:


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