{Canberra Newborn Photographer} Eamon James

I have a new nephew! Eamon James was born on 28 May, exactly two weeks overdue, weighing 4.4kg and 55 cm long. A little brother for Zoe, Erin, Callum and Annika. My sister has had every single one of her babies at least ten days overdue. She must have a very nice uterus that the babies just don’t want to leave.

Eamon is exactly like his big brother Callum, albeit a little larger than Callum when born, and another super-cute addition to our increasingly huge family. I now have five nieces and two nephews, bringing the grandchild count up to nine for my parents. They are all gorgeous and lovely children too, so I think my sisters and I have done a wonderful job.

We headed down south to meet him when he was five days old, and for our little photo shoot. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go to plan. The weather was, as it usually is down there, crapola, so we had limited light to work with. Also, it was a little more difficult than anticipated getting five children, including a newborn, out of the house, and by the time we got started on the photo shoot, we had half an hour of daylight, extremely low light, and a very awake baby with jaundice.

Needless to say, the amount of shots we got were very limited, and due to the high ISO required to get any shots, most are quite “noisy” and shall only be seen by my sister… We have scheduled another session for when she’s visiting in the school holidays in a few weeks, with all five kids together. Eamon’s jaundice has cleared up now too, so he’ll be a bit less yellow and red next time around.

So just a few shots of my cute little nephew.





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