Challenge Week 4

Okay, I missed a week last week. I wasn’t particularly busy, but time always gets away from us all.

We headed down to Canberra over the long weekend to meet my new nephew Eamon, although our newborn session didn’t really happen in the end. I still got lots of cuddles, and that’s the most important thing.

My Charlie-Bear has been waking constantly overnight lately, and screams the house down unless he either sleeps in our bed, or on the lounge with me sitting next to him. Neither of which leads to a sleep-rich night for me. Sleep deprivation has started to creep back into our house again, which does leave me slightly anxious, after the hell I went through before. At least he does usually give me one night’s reprieve out of seven. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,  that kid is lucky he’s cute.

I’ve been spending some time at my local pro photo lab lately, finally getting some prints on the wall of the boys. Such a difference in quality when you spend that bit extra. I haven’t actually put them up yet, as we are about to rearrange our loungeroom this weekend, but they look fantastic in my (albeit cheap) frames. I plan on getting some prints on the wall of some photos my very talented husband has taken on his and our travels at some point, and I fear we will run out wall space very quickly. Husband has some amazing shots of Europe and the Americas taken back in the day of film, so I will have to try and track down the negatives to get some enlargements of those. I know some people love their film, but digital does have its benefits. Like being able to quickly and easily find the photograph you would like to enlarge, for one.

I’m in the process of finding suppliers for the bits and bobs I’d like to provide for clients. I’m pretty happy with my printing lab for now. I’ve found a supplier for albums and matted prints, although I’m still at the very early stages of selecting items I will have on offer. I’d like to find a local framer – there are plenty, I just haven’t built a relationship with one yet. It’s quite exciting investigating all of these things, and makes me super-excited for the future.

My photos this week are of two serious boys. Charlie, still with tears in his eyes after he jumped off the lounge and bumped heads with his brother; and Alex’s big brown eyes and serious face.



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