{Newcastle Children Photographer} A slightly bigger Asha

Why is it that every time I have to take my car for a service, and hence have to catch the bus with two small children, it rains? Without fail. At least it’s a perfect day for finishing off some editing, and wishing and hoping the rain clears before I have to catch the bus back to pick the car up this afternoon.

As I mentioned in my last post, I did another little photo shoot with my little friend Asha a few weeks ago, ages ten weeks (at the time). It’s amazing how much babies change in such a small period of time. Asha’s eyes have already turned dark brown, like both of her parents’, and has the cutest little dimples. I actually ran into her at the shops again yesterday, and I swear, she’s gotten even cuter.

My afternoon with Asha was really just dress-up fun for me and her Mummy, Alicia. Alicia had stacks of wraps, headbands and accessories, so we kind of went nuts. Asha slept for a while, a very brief while, and was mostly on board with us putting a range of headwear on her. Give or take a headband or two that she was really, really opposed to. We also got a few photos of super-cute big sister Isla as well. With minimal accessories.

So here are two very different, but equally gorgeous, little girls.
















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