Challenge Week 3

Wow. I’ve actually kept this up for three weeks! Amazing.

So what’s been going on this week?

My sister finally gave birth to my nephew this week, thirteen days overdue, so we are off down south in a few hours to meet him, and so I can do a newborn session, so I’m just squeezing in a quick post in between packing our bags. We always underestimate how cold it will be when we visit my sisters, so I’m determined to pack weather-appropriate clothing this time. It will be interesting trying to fit all of our clothes, as well as my lot of newborn photography goodies, into the car.

On Monday this week, I did a super fun photo session with baby Asha, whose newborn session I did not that long ago. Asha was so tiny when she was born that she didn’t fit into a lot hats and headbands that her Mummy had, so now she’s 10 weeks old and fits into them, Alicia wanted a few more shots. Asha has grown up so much already – her eyes are already starting to turn dark brown, and she has cute little dimples. I think she’s going to look quite different from her blonde haired-blue eyed big sister Isla. Blog post to come shortly!

My “challenge” shots this week are of Alex “cooking”, i.e. licking the wooden spoon and the bowl; and of Charlie just being Charlie. Truthfully, I forgot to take photos of them this week until yesterday afternoon, so they’re not really the most interesting shots. A harsh reminder to myself to actually stick to the challenge and organise myself a bit better next week…



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