Halfway through March

So we’ve gotten to over halfway through March, which is crazy. I have had an unbelievable busy two-and-a-half months. A few photo shoots. Travelling to and from Sydney. Working on my new website. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe lately, and I am absolutely loving it. A typical week for me at the moment is: Monday and Tuesday, process photos during nap time and after boys go to bed, then leave for Sydney on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday to Friday, explore wherever we are staying in Sydney with the boys in the morning, then write for my website while boys rest and at night, until Husband returns from work. Friday, drive back to Newcastle, try and catch up on washing and housework. Saturday and Sunday: do something together as family, and usually (and hopefully) a photo shoot, catching up with friends and family.

I did a family photo shoot last night, which was very nerve-racking, and certainly not ideal conditions, but the more practice I get, the more I love it. I’m really not in my comfort zone with families and large groups, so I need all the practice I can get. This family had five children, so lots of little people to deal with, plus it was so windy, I kept getting blown over. Blog post to come when I’ve finished processing the photos.

I’ve started to be a bit more organised and get together client information sheets, and even a contract/model release. I used to harbour dreams as a child of being a solicitor, so I quite enjoyed writing the contract. I used to spend my childhood drafting contracts for various agreements in the family. I was a weird child.

My new website is slowly coming together, with the help of a slightly more technology minded friend. I’m still working on the formatting, and working on photos to illustrate all of my articles. That is quite a challenge. Product and non-portrait photography is also out of my comfort zone, so it’s taking quite a while to get things looking how I want them to look. I’m hoping to launch in the next few weeks though.

My boys are growing so beautifully. I love the ages they are now, although Charlie has started some delightful “terrible twos” behaviour in the last week. Awesome. Alex was such a handful through years two and three that four feels like an absolute breeze. He still has four-year-old moments, but he’s really just developing such a lovely way about him, and learning so many new things every week. He read his first book by himself the other week (albeit a five page early reader book, but I’m still proud), and is able to read and write more and more words every day, and is trying so hard to learn to swim. He has just grown into such a kind, well-mannered, intelligent and thoughtful little man. Last week, out of the blue, he reminded me that it’s Mothers Day in May, and he has to buy me a present. I asked him what he was going to buy me, and without prompting, he replied that I liked taking photos, so he should buy me a new lens for my camera. What a dear heart.


The other week, we went out for dinner and Charlie fell asleep on the way there. It was such a relaxing dinner with just me, John and Alex, enjoying a quiet meal together: Alex sitting quietly in his chair, using his manners delightfully, and just being a pleasure to share a meal with. The night before, I’d tried to eat out with the two of them by myself, which included Charlie throwing water all over the table, not touching his meal, climbing and jumping in between my chair and his, eating my food, standing on me, taking his shoes off, having a small paddy because I wouldn’t let him run around the restaurant… It was so exhausting. As much as I adore my babies being babies, sometimes I can’t wait for them to grow up.

They have such different personalities, that I can sense that Charlie is going to be quite a handful for the next few years. While Alex had some (well, lots of) ripper tantrums, he is also quite obedient and a real “people-pleaser”. Charlie, on the other hand, throws ripper tanties, but also just loves doing his own thing, be that standing on the arm of the lounge and trying to somersault down to the floor, climbing up the handles on the kitchen drawers to try and turn the oven on, or just wreaking havoc throughout the house. Made worse by the fact that he steadfastly refuses to talk, I’m basically preparing for the worst at the moment.

He is, without a doubt though, the funniest, sweetest, most divine child you could ever meet, and I do love his little stubborn, fearless and strong ways. They make him all the more entertaining.


Anyway, time to dive back into Photoshop for the afternoon…

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