Millie Joy

I was two-times excited to do this photo shoot – firstly. because it was my second-ever newborn shoot, and after my first with my niece, Elyse, I have been really looking forward to doing another. Secondly, Millie’s Mummy and Daddy, Jill and Rob, are two of my favourite people in the world, and I just love them to bits and pieces, so I felt very honoured to take some photos of their newest little one. I have been in and out of Newcastle lately, so I had the photo shoot as a great excuse to hang out with my best friend, and get to know Millie. One of the bonuses of doing newborn shoots with your friends’ baby is the cuddles I get to indulge in.

Millie Joy was welcomed to our world on Monday 21 January, weighing 7 pounds and 9 ounces and 51cm long. She is the third gorgeous daughter for Jill and Rob. Unlike her big sisters, Amber and Tahlia, she isn’t a carbon copy of her Daddy. She has blonde hair and eyebrows, and delicate features.

Millie had a very dramatic (and traumatic) birth, with an emergency caesarean for Jill, which led to a change in venue for our photo shoot. My driveway can be a little hard to handle after major stomach surgery. Millie was unfortunately not a willing participant for parts of our shoot, refusing to sleep for quite a while, and also screaming every time we placed her on her tummy. (Jill assures me she loves her tummy-time now.) I do love some of the photos, but I still have so much to learn about posing and angles. And getting babies to sleep. Even the creepy “womb sounds” app that I downloaded didn’t help Millie… By the time we got to doing family photos with big sisters, Millie was well and truly over it.

Regardless, I feel so very lucky to be able to take photos of our beautiful baby Millie, who I hear is apple of Amber and Tahlia’s eyes. Congratulations Jillbert & Roobobob!





















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