A merry Christmas and a splendid New Year

Well, today is the last day of 2012, when we all inevitably take stock of our lives, what’s happened during the year, and what we want for the new year. We just finished a very happy and relaxing Christmas celebration (a full week’s worth), and we’re having a nice, quiet Scrabble filled New Year’s celebration tonight.


I took the above photo with the intention of actually sending out Christmas cards this year, with this photo on the front, but as December went on, I just couldn’t be bothered… How very festive of me.

2012, what a year. Although I can’t actually remember the first half of the year. I’ve realised lately that due to my extreme sleep deprivation with Charlie, I cannot remember anything about the period from about October 2011 until July 2012. I have small flashes of memories, but I am extremely thankful for the thousands upon thousands of photos and videos we have of the boys. Everything else is a complete blur.

So my highlights of 2012: deciding to take photography seriously; celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary; enjoying rare nights out without children, having nice dinners at nice restaurants; two new nieces in the one year; eating way too much Thai pork belly and double choc fudge McFlurries with Tom and Tendayi; birthday celebrations with my two best friends; lots of work put into Charlie’s awesome vintage circus themed first birthday party; and lots of cuddles and smiles from our little boys. I’m sure there were more, but aforementioned memory loss doesn’t help.

Lowlights: realising the negative effects of sleep deprivation in all of our lives; John having to travel a lot for work; letting stress and anxiety get the better of me.

I’ve been thinking about New Years resolutions, and what I should be aiming for in 2013. To do that, I need to look at my long term goals that I spoke about when I started this meagre little blog. What have I achieved thus far…

Well, I’m not a photographer as such yet, but I am working really hard towards it. I’ve done lots of photo shoots, and I have learnt so much. I think I could happily find my photographic niche in newborn and children photography. My main goal for 2013 is to start my photography business. I feel pretty positive about being set up by halfway through the year, but that all depends on how much practice I keep up and how much work I do towards that.

We don’t have any immediate plans to live or travel overseas, but we have bandied around ideas of going to Korea, possibly in 2014. I would really love to take the kids to the U.S. one day soon, but I think Charlie needs to be a bit older.

House renovations… My goal is to get things happening in the new year, in regards to seeing an architect and having plans drawn up. I can’t see any building happening until close to the end of 2013, realistically, but fingers crossed.

The grand piano definitely needs to wait until renovations are well and truly done.

I wouldn’t call myself a jogger as such, but I have started exercising a bit more. I’ve lost seven kilos of baby-related weight thus far, although December was a bit of a write-off. I went for my first jog in a few weeks this morning, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up.

I do have a fairly nice herb garden happening at the moment, which I’m quite happy about. It’s so convenient to just walk three steps out the door and grab a handful of basil, rather than having to buy it, using a few leaves and chucking the rest out. I would love to grow more veggies, but at the moment, it’s really just lettuce.

I’m yet to learn any other languages as yet, although I do get the guilts for not encouraging Alex to learn Korean. He’s quite interested in Spanish at the moment, but considering the extent of my Spanish knowledge is from watching TV shows set in Miami, and “Go Diego Go”, Korean seems a better option.

So that’s where I’m at with my life goals.

What’s in store for 2013?

John will be travelling (again) for the first few months of 2013 for work, which should be challenging. Alex turns four on Wednesday, and I have my last year home with him this year before he starts “big school” in 2014. Charlie will hopefully start talking soon so we don’t have to communicate in Boolean responses with him any more.

Photographically, I have a few tentative photo shoots that will hopefully happen in the new year. Thankfully, lots of people are having babies in late January/early February, and they’re all (hopefully) letting me take photos of their newborns, which I’m so very thankful for. I’m hoping that after I have done some more (free) newborn photo shoots, I might feel confident enough to accept payment. And hence Jo Kim Photography may take form. We’ll play it by ear.

At Easter, my big sister and brother-in-law are having a joint naming day for Elyse and their engagement party, and I’ve been asked to snap away for the party, so that should be fun. I’ve found trying to take pictures of events incredibly stressful, and virtually impossible with the boys hanging off me, but there should be enough family there to run interference and allow me to take a few photos for them.

In May, my middle sister is having baby number FIVE, so a newborn photo shoot for my new nephew will be on the cards. This will be grandchild number nine for my Mum & Dad, and the fourth boy. Me and my sisters really haven’t distributed the grandchildren’s birthdays too well. We have four of the kids born in January, one in February, there will be three in May, and one in November. Mum & Dad must dread the gift buying for Christmas followed closely by four birthdays.

That’s everything thus far! I’m really happy to just see where 2013 takes me, but I feel like this is going to be a great and life-changing year.

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