{Newcastle Photographer} Tendayi at Lizotte’s

Last week, my friend Tendayi, who I took some portrait shots of recently, took part in a showcase singing at Lizotte’s in Lambton, so me and Husband went along to offer our support. And I took my camera along, because that’s what I do.

As John and I confessed to Tendayi after her performance, we’d both actually been nervous, just in case she actually wasn’t good… You know that awkward feeling when you’re not sure if someone you love is about to embarrass themselves or not. Thankfully, she was amazing! She performed “Respect” by Aretha, “Mercy” by Duffy, and a third by Christina Aguilera that I’m not sure of the name. Three big songs and she pulled them off with aplomb.

I’m just so very proud of her, and can’t wait to hear her perform again.

I took shots pretty much the whole time she performed, trying to find the balance between low lighting and movement, mixed with making sure I had her face and body at the right angles. I didn’t really put a lot of effort into moving around myself, as we had a table right down the front, and I really didn’t want to get in anyone’s way.

Here are my favourites from the night.









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