{Newcastle Portrait Photographer} Portraits of Tendayi

I did a little photo shoot last week with my friend, Tendayi, to practice shooting an album cover photo of her. Tendayi is doing her first public singing performance in December at Lizotte’s, so we thought it might be fun to do some mock album covers. We had an absolute blast with our photo shoot, and Tendayi is such a natural in front of a camera, whether she feels it or not. The shoot really just flowed, with us chatting and laughing, with me shooting as we went.

I did a bit of research on album covers (we have a very extensive music collection, so I had quite a lot of resources) to work out what sort of look we needed. Based on the songs Tendayi usually sings, I felt her mock album cover needed something quite strong, with a bit of ‘tude.

Of course, during the photo shoot, we did a whole range of ideas, more as practice for me than anything. There’s a whole “Whitney Houston”-esque series that turned out quite nice.

I’ve mentioned Tendayi before, and I’m so proud of her for pushing forward with her singing. The first time I heard her sing was a duet as she walked down the aisle at her wedding to our friend Tom, which had almost everyone in tears, including the groom and groomsmen. While she has been singing for a long time, she only began pursuing it this year, and has been having weekly lessons, and really pushing herself. It inspires me to work harder on my photography, and keep learning and trying to get better.

Tendayi is such a gorgeous and photogenic gal (sidenote: her sister Renny is an international model), I really did end up with quite a lot of photos to work with. For the sake of looking more like album covers, the majority of the shots have been cropped to square format. So here they are!








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