Re: moi

Perhaps an introduction is necessary, to both me and the major players in my life.

I’m Jo, slightly on the wrong side of 30, a stay-at-home Mummy to my two sons, Alexander, who is 3.5 years old, and Charlie, who is 13.5 months. I’m married to John. I used to be an accountant, which I randomly fell into by way of my husband. We used to have a saying that accounting is what you do when all of your dreams have died.


I’m a terrible housewife, and drive my husband to distraction with my messiness and poorly cooked meals. I love music, and used to play the piano quite well. To paraphrase Elizabeth Bennett, my fingers do not move over the instrument in the masterly manner of others, as I do not take the time to practise.

I love watching both trashy and quality TV shows and movies. Husband and I used to watch movies on a nightly basis, but with children, our attention span seems to have been reduced to no more than 42 minutes. On the trashy end of TV shows, when I was at uni, I used to schedule my classes so I could get home to watch Passions. On the quality end, we just finished watching season two of Game of Thrones, which was awesome, but all-time favourites: Seinfeld, Scrubs, Buffy, Futurama, Friends, Dexter, Burn Notice, etcetera.

Don’t judge me, but I also love Gilmore Girls. It’s really quite an awesome show, once you push past the headache you get from listening to them talk so fast.

I tend to be a bit scatter-brained, or, as some might say, distracted by shiny things. I also tend to be a mildly sarcastic from time to time. I am, however, a very happy, friendly, easy-going person. So that is moi.

John: my darling, beloved husband. Analyst. Six foot something Korean, who can barely string a sentence together in Korean. Basketball and football playing. Smiles too much for his liking. Huge nerd. Has an unnatural fixation with headphones.

Next weekend is our fifth wedding anniversary. We were in the same year at high school. Then became best friends at uni. Then housemates when we were 23. Then a couple when we were 24. Married when we were 26. My 여보.

Alexander: super-cheeky, gorgeous, full-of-beans first-born. He’s presently three and a half. Absolutely hilarious. Clever little muffin, he started recognising words when he was two, and can count to 100, or more sometimes. Obsessed with trains, cars, and all things transportation. He can be quite high maintenance on a bad day, but nothing beats an “I love you Mummy” and a big Alex-cuddle.


Charlie: thirteen months. My star. Constant source of laughter. While he hasn’t started talking yet, he understands every word we say, and makes a mean dinosaur roar. People say that he looks “like he’s been here before”. Didn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time from four months until eleven months, hence neither did I. He has the goofiest smile and the darkest brown eyes. Always a squiggly, wiggly worm.


The supporting cast are my Mum and Dad; two big sisters, and their associated husbands and children (I have four nieces and one nephew); parents-in-law; a brother-in-law and his associated wife; a Nanna-bel; a Halmorni; and a bunch of fabulous friends that I’ve known forever, and of their associated children; and a whole bunch of other ragtag family and friends that fill up my world.

So that is all about me.

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