My non-photographic goals

My last post pretty much summed up my photographic journal, but I’d really like to write about my other life goals at times. Here is where I am with each. I promise not to talk about them too much.

2. Live overseas (short-term)
I would love to experience another country by more than just going to the tourist attractions. I know it’s a little clichéd, but I would love to live in the U.S. for a while. Or perhaps England. Just for a few months. No more than a year. My husband and I used to talk about living in Korea (where he was born) for a year, which would be great for the boys (and would also assist me in Goal 10). I’m not too fussy. I’ve only travelled overseas twice, so I’ll take what I get.
3. Go to Europe
As mentioned above, I’ve only travelled overseas twice: Korea for ten days, and to New Zealand for five days. To go to Europe, and see the places I’ve read about; to see the culture and heritage; the French countryside; Roman ruins; Barcelona; London; Glasgow; Paris; Munchen und Schwarzwald; my cousins in England; my exchange student in Germany; the list goes on. My husband travelled around Europe by himself about ten years ago, so it will be nice to experience it all together when the children are a bit older.

4. Go to the U.S.
I really would love to visit New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, the Grand Canyon, the deep South, the North, East, West. You get the picture. I think Disneyland will be a must-stop, especially since we discovered there is a Cars World there now. Alex is quite excited to visit there when “Charlie is a bit bigger”.
5. Do our house renovations
The renovation ideas have been bandied around for six years, with very little accomplished. Do we extend backwards (tricky and will require a lot of excavation), forwards (council restrictions??)? Do we need a separate study? And so forth. Our house is, to be polite, a crap shack. However, we love our crap shack. We’ve built our family here and have no desire to leave. Unfortunately, space is limited and the boys will grow out of it in a few years. We’ve already taken to storing extraneous items at the in-laws…
We considered knock-down rebuild, and just simply buying elsewhere, but we think the best decision is to extend. Now to get off our tooshies and actually do something about it.
6. Own a grand piano
I miss having a piano. I’m a music-maker. I feel a bit lost not being able to play music on the piano, but due to aforementioned space considerations, room for a piano cannot be found. Really, I’d be happy with ANY piano (as long as it’s in tune and plays nicely), but I can dream about a grand piano. Goal 5 definitely needs to be accomplished prior to Goal 6.
7. Become a jogger, and look and feel my best physical self (not necessarily related)
Baby weight does not remove itself, and now Charlie is 13 months old, I don’t think “I just had a baby” really cuts it. I went for my first jog since before I was pregnant with Charlie this morning. I am woefully unfit, unsurprisingly, but one day at a time. Pushing the boys in the pram adds an extra challenge. I two-thirds walked, one-third jogged for 3.5 km this morning, but aiming to be at 100% jog in a few weeks. I felt like a bit of a tool jogging and pushing the pram (of course, I’m sure every person driving past in their car was staring…), but unless I can go when Husband is home, the Baby Jogger City Select gets a work-out.
8. Grow a veggie garden
Herb garden is under way, but I think the veggie garden needs to wait until we’ve done some landscaping. I think it’s just nice to grow and make your own things.
9. Learn how to cook well
Yeah, I suck. I can bake a mean choc-chip cookie. Anything chocolate-based works for me. Meals, on the other hand… Dear heavens, I feel for my children. I cook nutritious, preservative-free food (as much as possible), but it rarely tastes good. We are taking possession of our Thermomix today or tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to eating deliciousness out of it. I really don’t want to serve up any more terrible meals for my family.
10. Learn another language
Why not? I would love to learn Spanish. I studied German for my HSC, so I can still understand some. Nicht so gut with the talking though. I understand a very few words in French. I can say a few things in Korean (my Grandma-in-law doesn’t speak any English, and it is essential to be able to tell her to stop feeding you). I would like to be fluent in at least one other language.
And that’s about it. Obviously some of these are easier to achieve than others, and all will take time. I’m not in a rush. These are things I want to experience before I’m old and wrinkly, but I have a good thirty years, I think.

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